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Why Retinol is Essential in Your Skincare Routine

by Anant Khare 05 May 2022

While many skincare products like sunscreen, face creams, and moisturizers have made their way to your everyday routine, there is a new entrant to this segment.

Meet Retinol!

It is the recent buzzword in the skincare industry and has earned quite a well-deserved reputation amongst dermatologists. It has even found its way to every serum that is available at your nearest store.

All thanks to its anti-ageing properties!
Let’s have a closer look at this magical anti-ageing solution and how does it function?

What is Retinol?

Retinol is a synthetic derivative of Vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin that is largely found in carrots, eggs and sweet potatoes. They are subtypes of retinoid but contain lower strengths of retinoic acid.

How does Retinol work?

Retinol goes deeper into the skin, beneath the outer layer of the skin and alters the behaviour of the cells. As opposed to other products, it does not remove the dead skin cells. It helps in neutralizing the free radicals that harm the skin and boost the production of elastin and collagen. That creates a ‘plumping’ effect. It also boosts the production of new blood vessels on the skin.

Benefits of using Retinol?

As already stated, Retinol goes deep into your skin and hence is capable of benefiting the skin in various ways.

- Acne treatment

Believe it or not, Retinol works wonderfully for acne as well. As you must be aware as well, acne happens when bacterias invade the blocked hair follicles.
Topical retinoids help in reducing the inflammation caused by acne and reduce the abnormal skin peeling that blocks pores and unclogs them. When combined with an antimicrobial agent, its efficacy increases in treating acne.
However, if you are suffering from severe acne then using a simple retinol serum will not work for you. You need to consult your skin specialist, and he/she will recommend you a stronger form of retinoid.

- Anti-ageing properties

Biological ageing is a natural process that impacts the quality of the skin. However, there are certain external factors like UV rays, smoking and pollution that fasten up the process and even result in premature ageing. They make the skin lose its elasticity and reduce the skin’s ability to hold water, making it drier. Sun-damaged skin also shows dark spots (also known as age spots).
Retinol serum, when applied topically, helps in protecting against the breaking down of collagen and even promotes its production. It stimulates cell turnover and makes the skin look younger and plum. It strengthens the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin) and influences the amount of water that is lost from the skin.

- Improve skin appearance

It can also help in the evening skin tone and skin texture. As already stated above, it can have a positive effect on cell turnover and collagen production; Retinol can also help in brightening the skin.
It is because of all these reasons and more that you will find many anti-ageing face serums infused with the goodness of Retinol. It basically is great for the overall improvement of skin health.

Woman using retinol on face


When should you start using Retinoids?

Many people start using retinoids in their mid-twenties but there is no set time for you to start using them. You can consult your dermatologist and he/she can suggest you after analyzing your skin. If you are already experiencing breakouts or pigmentation then it’s better to start using it as early as possible. You can use it for three months and then have a three-month break. You can eventually increase the usage once your skin has adjusted to it.

FYI: Please keep in mind that Retinol doesn’t go well with all the ingredients. Any anti-ageing serum with Retinol should not have:

  • ‣ Vitamin C
  • ‣ Salicylic acid
  • ‣ Benzoyl peroxide
  • ‣ Beta hydroxy acids
  • ‣ Alpha hydroxy acids

So don’t forget to have a look at the ingredients before buying an anti-ageing serum. Additionally, do keep in mind that serums come with varying concentrations/strengths of Retinol and your skin might react differently to different concentrations. Our advice is to start with products that have a low percentage of Retinol and as your skin gets used to it, you can increase the amount accordingly and gradually. Though it is often considered as a night product, you can even use it during the day.

To conclude, we all know that ageing is inevitable! As we age, our body undergoes many changes. They are not reversible, but with a little bit of self-care and with the help of the right products, you can slow down the appearance of the signs of ageing and enjoy your youthful glow for a longer period of time!

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