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Holy Hydration! Sleeping Masks are the Skin Saviour You Need

by Anant Khare 25 May 2022

You are using the best face cleanser, you regularly moisturize your face before going to sleep, and you never sleep with your make-up on! You do everything that makes up for a good nighttime skincare routine! But do you want to take your nighttime skincare routine to another level? If yes, then it is the right time to start investing in sleep masks.

As you are very well aware of the fact that a goodnight’s sleep works wonderfully for our skin as well! But with a right face mask by your side (more like on your face), you can reap more benefits out of your ‘beauty sleep.’ Sleep masks are easy to use and pack a ton of beauty benefits.

Here, learn more about night masks, including their benefits, how to use them and so on..

Can you wear a face mask overnight?

In case it wasn’t obvious enough - allow us to avoid any confusion by answering this in one word - YES! You can wear face masks overnight - that’s the whole point of the product we are talking about.

And if you are getting worried about sleep masks messing up your pillows, then know this: an overnight sleep mask is essentially a moisturizer. Unline a clay mask or a sheet mask, they will not leave a mark on your precious pillow covers.
They get absorbed quickly without leaving any excess product behind.

Why do you need a sleep mask?

From clay and bubble to sheet and peel-off, face mask formulas are vast and ever-evolving. While there is no dearth of traditional face masks for women, the whole idea of getting a sleep mask is that you cover your face in a magical mask before you go to bed and as the mask is absorbed overnight, the active ingredients seep slowly into your skin and give your skin the ultimate pamper, without you doing anything! All you need to do is simply wake up and voila, it’s done!

As your skin has a longer amount of time to absorb the goodness, it will be able to hone more of the benefits.

What all can a sleep mask do for your skin?

The beauty of investing in a sleep mask is that it can solve almost every skin problem. All you need to do is identify your skin type and find a mask that suits your requirements. For example, you can for a hydrating face mask if you are struggling with dry skin or go for a face mask for glowing skin to bring back the lustre to your skin. It all depends on the ingredients in the mask! Some formulas are touted for their moisturizing abilities, while others help to firm and re-contour the appearance of ageing skin.

As you are aware that skin cells replicate and reproduce during the night, wearing an overnight face mask gives the renewal process a helping hand. It also acts as a sealant and prevents dirt and pollution from entering your skin.

Secondly, it locks the moisture in by sitting on top of your skin. It provides the skin with all the nourishment needed to slow down the ageing process. Masks infused with ingredients like peptides, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid help produce collagen and smoothen fine lines and wrinkles.

Some sleeping masks help to keep the skin microbiome balanced. A balanced microbiome is imperative for healthy skin. Sleeping masks can rejuvenate, repair and protect your skin by balancing the skin microbiome.

How do you use an overnight face mask?

You can include it in your nighttime skincare routine and use it once or twice a week. Here are a few steps that you can follow:

1. Clean your face gently

You must wash your face before going to sleep! You already know that! So it doesn’t come as a surprise that you should start prepping up your skin for a rejuvenating sleep mask by gently cleansing it. You can also opt for micellar water to get rid of the excess oil and dirt. Grab a cotton pad, soak it with your micellar water of choice and gently wipe it with the pad.

2. Apply a serum

This is more like an optional step, but serums are a great way to tackle your skincare concerns. You should actually pamper your skin every morning or night with two-three drops of serum. Apply it to the face and neck and gently massage it onto your skin.

3. Get your mask on!

If you want to add any other product after applying the serum, then you can go for an eye creak or a lip mask, but if you are a minimalist, then you can feel free to skip straight to your nightly skincare routine by applying the overnight face mask. Just put it on and leave for overnight to work its magic.

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