About Us

Prolixr has set forth on a journey to introduce you to clear, healthy and radiating skin using natural ingredients which are safe for all skin types. We believe that skincare is a ‘No Compromise Zone’.

The Prolixr brand philosophy is aligned with the core values of the 3 S – Simplicity, Safety and Satisfaction. The product line consists of our flagship product, the Sea Algae Detoxifying Face Mask along with a serum, moisturiser, foaming cleanser and a facial scrub. We are constantly innovating and drawing our attention to skin concerns that are often overlooked to create high quality products that are just right for your skin.

Inspired by today’s consumer, we envision becoming the most trusted skincare brand in the world, fetching you real results with simple ingredients and simple steps. The entire team at Prolixr shares a passion for skincare and believes in a deep, more meaningful version of beautiful.

We are dedicated to offering exceptionally high quality and effective skin care, all at an affordable price, so everyone can achieve their best skin possible. We are committed to creating progressive formulas that are 100% cruelty-free and made with the latest on-trend performance ingredients and botanicals.