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3 Ways to Tackle Melasma

by Anant Khare 09 May 2022

Melasma is a skin ailment that shows brown or blue-grey patches or freckle-like spots on the skin. It's commonly referred to as the "pregnancy mask." Melasma is caused by the overproduction of the cells that give your skin its colour. It's a common problem that's completely painless, and specific treatments may assist. However, it can be cured through the following ways:

1. Sun protection

Protect Your Skin From Sun

Sun exposure is a significant contributor to the development of melasma. If you're not currently wearing sunscreen daily, now is the time to start. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and use it every day. Melasma can be darkened by even a modest quantity of sun exposure.

It's ideal for including sunscreen in your daily skincare routine to assist your skin in adapting to other treatments you might be applying.

2. Brightening serum

Use Skin Brightening Serum to Avoid Melasma

Look for a serum that contains vitamin C (preferably 10 to 20%), tranexamic acid, kojic acid, or hydroquinone. All of this works together to reduce excess pigment production, lessen melasma, and even out your skin tone. For example, you can try Prolixir's 20% Vitamin-C Brightening Serum. It's designed to significantly lighten skin tone and fight against free radicals and improve skin texture and reduce hyperpigmentation for a more youthful appearance!

3. Retinoids

Woman Applying Retinoid on Face

Melasma necessitates the use of retinoids. They help drive those damaged, hyper-pigmented skin cells to the surface to create a place for fresh, young, and undamaged skin cells by speeding up your cell turnover rate. Prolixir's Retinol & Multi-Peptide Serum has a pure retinol compound that gives skin a youthful shine and makes it seem younger.

Melasma isn't something that can be "treated." If you're fortunate enough to have your melasma clear up, it's still crucial to continue with maintenance therapy to prevent it from coming back.

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