Prolixr Hair Removal cream Spray for Women | Made Safe Certified | Pleasant Smell | Painless Body Hair Removal spray For Hands, Legs & Under Arms (200 ml)

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About the product :

  • * Hair Removal Spray for Women: Prolixr Hair Removal Spray is formulated specifically for women for gentle, painless & effective removal of unwanted hair closer to the root. The hair removal spray works on all Skin Types. Painless hair removal results last longer than shaving.
  • * Results in 10 -15 minutes: Effortless removal of all body hair. All you need to do is spray and wait 10-15 minutes, then remove the hair with a cloth (Dry or Wet) Or tissue in the opposite direction of hair growth. Prolixr Hair Remover Spray will remove hair from the chest, back, armpits, legs, arms, & even intimate areas.
  • * EFFECTIVE & SAFE FOR DIFFERENT BODY TYPES: Thin hair will need less time than coarse and thick hair. Experiment to find the right manscaping time for each body part! If you have sensitive skin, make sure you patch-test the product before completing the application.
  • * Easy, Save Time & Money: Hair removal Spray Foam is designed to be a quick and painless hair removal at home. Longer lasting than shaving and preventing razor nicks and cuts. It takes less time as compared with shaving just 10-15 min all that bush will be gone. Also, in comparison with 1 Hair Cream Removal, you can use Prolixr Hair Cream Spray 4x times for full body hair removal.
  • * Pleasant Smell: Unlike other Hair Removal creams, ours has a pleasant smell due to the presence of natural ingredients. Now go on get rid of that unwanted hair in a better way.

Product Description :

You might have heard many solutions for hair removal, but Prolixr has brought something unique and easy for you, like always. Prolixr hair removal spray is as easy to use as applying deodorant. Just one spray and all that bush will be gone. All you need to do is spray and wait 10min. This painless solution no only removes hair but also de-tans your skin.

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200.00 ml (Pack of 1)

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Merhaki Foods & Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.

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